Mission Critical Environmental Systems


This track will focus on the latest research and development of environment systems for mission critical systems and data centers. Subjects include but not limited to demand-based environmental control, novel energy recovery methods, economizers for energy efficient cooling, and energy-efficient air purification approaches. Studies on innovative energy efficient and cost effective systems along with controlling temperature, humidity, and pollutants are especially encouraged. Both laboratory and field studies are of interest.

Subject Examples:

  • Latest code (ASHRAE 90.4 and 90.1) impacts on data center designs
  • Gaseous pollutant source and transport into a data center
  • Particulate pollutant source and transport into a data center
  • Indoor air and surface chemistry
  • Integration of source control, ventilation and air cleaning
  • Methods to reduce contaminant levels
  • Desirable and thresholds vs. actual conditions (historical, benchmarking and comprehensive surveys)
  • Energy efficient systems that use outside air effectively
  • Controlling temperature and humidity
  • Controlling and measuring air quality
  • Cost effective designs for maintaining environment
  • Data Center air distribution
  • Demand-based ventilation and economizer control
  • Integration of passive technologies with mechanical systems to maintain the environment