Environmental Control and Equipment and Systems


This track will discuss the latest research and development in indoor environmental control technologies at both the component and system levels and across different scales from individuals to buildings. Trending subjects in local or personal environmental control, demand-based environmental control, novel energy recovery methods, energy-efficient air purification approaches, and advanced techniques for equipment fault detection and diagnosis are especially encouraged.

Subject Examples:

  • Local thermal environmental control
  • Personal ventilation
  • Room air distribution
  • Multi-zone building pressure and flow balances
  • Inter-zonal heat, moisture and contaminant flows
  • Demand-based ventilation and economizer control
  • Personal ventilation and coordination with shared HVAC systems
  • Heat and energy recovery ventilator
  • Dehumidification and air conditioning
  • Air cleaning and filtration equipment
  • Equipment fault detection and diagnosis
  • Data center cooling and pollution control
  • Integration of passive technologies with mechanical systems